R.I.A.S Conferencing

Retail In-House Advertising Solutions (RIAS) is a dedicated hands on consultancy in the retail services field. Our specialty is Retail Advertising and Conferences.  We aim to provide our clients, no matter what size, with personal one on one service,  where you want it and when you need it.

RIAS is small and we like it that way because you know your talking to the man that runs the business and is committed to he's core clients

                                                                         "Your Success Is Our Success"

                                                     I made that statement over 25 years ago and nothing has changed

So if you looking for effective retail marketing and advertising or if your planning a conference, or meeting or event of any size big or small, give us an email, text or fax, but most of all give us a call  we love to talk to you ......anytime!

Phil Stromei





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